Mental health is how we think about life, how we feel about ourselves and others, and how we behave and adapt to change, stress, and other life events.


The Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging maintains a library of fact sheets on several topics that are easy to download and free for you to copy and share in your community. We encourage you to spread this information to others in your community to increase awareness and support for the mental health of aging adults. Click on the links below to access the fact sheets.

We also offer contact information for several organizations that provide information pertinent to the areas of mental health, aging, education, advocacy, long term care, caregiver support, health and benefits, and support groups. Please refer to the Mental Health in Later Life Guidebook here to find contact information.

Fact Sheets

Anxiety Fact Sheet
Alcohol Misuse Fact Sheet
Bipolar Disorder Fact Sheet
Caregiving Fact Sheet
Dementia Fact Sheet
Depression Fact Sheet
Medications Fact Sheet
Misuse of Medications Fact Sheet
Schizophrenia Fact Sheet

If you have questions about issues that are not listed in this section, feel free to contact Kim Burton at 410-235-1178 x 210 or